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The interactive learning resource draft of Pod 5 is a good start. I will address the peer review in the following sections: an overview of resources, learning theories, activities, outcomes, and assessment plan.

An overview of resource:

This section focuses on summarizing the interactive learning resource, which may include the description of learning theories, context, activities, and learning outcomes. I would suggest briefly discussing two activities drawing in the plan, related outcomes, and the usage of learning theories.

Learning theories:     

In this section, the project is designed based on behaviorism and constructivism. Behaviourism targets at the initial stage of learning: acquiring knowledge from instructors or learning materials, while constructivism is the process of outputting knowledge, which is constructed and rethought in one’s brain, and interacting with other people to share and gain knowledge. However, I do not notice that your group uses the constructivism learning theory in the plan. I would suggest searching for academic articles to strengthen the learning theories.

Activities, outcome, and assessment plan:

I mentioned that there are three people in your group. From my experience, in the blueprint stage, the professor told me that the number of activities should be equal to the number of group members.

For the first activity, “Group work,” students are divided into groups randomly, and they should choose a specific topic to present. I would recommend including more details about the activity and the process of how a student can learn from peer interaction or the learning material in the first activity, meeting the outcome “Be able to apply English into real-world social situations in different forms.” It is an excellent attempt to cohere the following activity, “Individual Work and Feedback,” to the first activity. Through presenting group drama, students can enhance their listening skills. Based on the activity design, students should comment on other group performance, which benefits their writing skills. I would suggest that instructors review each student’s comments and give feedback to strengthen their writing skills. 

In conclusion, pod 5 did well in designing the interactive learning resource. They use a coherent learning design to connect each activity to the desired learning outcomes. I hope to see the final version in a few days!


Pod 5 interactive learning resource: